Emanuele Aliverti
Assistant Professor of Statistics @ University Ca' Foscari Venezia


I am an Assistant Professor in Statistics (RTDa) at the Department of Economics of the University Ca' Foscari. Currently, I am also the chair of ySIS, the young section of the Italian Statistical Society.
I obtained my Ph.D. in Statistics at the University of Padova (2020), supervised by Bruno Scarpa and David Dunson.
My full CV is available [here]. If you want to contact me, please write at: emanuele [\dot] aliverti [\at] unive [\dot] it


The focus of my research is on developing statistical methods to model complex dependence structures with accuracy, computational tractability and interpretability. More concretely, I am interested in flexible Bayesian methodologies and scalable algorithms to perform inference for high-dimensional structured data; some examples include networks, large contingency tables, functions and curves.