Emanuele Aliverti

Assistant Professor of Statistics [rtd-B] @ University of Padova

Office 166 []

Department of Statistics

University of Padova


The focus of my research is on developing and applying novel statistical methods, motivated by challenging problems in health and social sciences.
I am interested in flexible Bayesian methodologies and scalable algorithms to perform inference on models for complex data, such as high-dimensional structures, networks and tensors, balancing accuracy with interpretability.

My resumee is available here. An extended curriculum, in Italian, is available here.

bio & past positions

I hold a Ph.D. in Statistics from the University of Padova (2020), supervised by Bruno Scarpa and David Dunson. During the Ph.D, I was a Visiting Scholar in the Department of Statistical Sciences at Duke University (2017-18).
After the Ph.D., I have been a post-doc at the University of Padova (2020) and an Assistant Professor in Statistics at the University Ca’ Foscari Venezia (2020-2022).


01/01 My stat Department organizes a seminar series. Seminars are generally delivered on Thursday at 14.30, and are open to the public. Come and attend if you’re interested!
29/06 Baysm 2024 is happening in Venice on June 29-30, 2024, the weekend before the ISBA World Meeting. Submit your abstract here by January 31 to be considered for a talk or a poster. A big thanks to Ca’ Foscari University, ISBA and Brown University for the support.
03/05 What do statisticians working in industry work on? Statistics and Data Science for business is happening in Padova on May-3. Registration is free but compulsory!
13/09 Daniele Durante was awared an ERC Starting Grant for the project NEMESIS, focusing on the sociogenesis of criminal networks. I am very happy to be involved in the research group!