Emanuele Aliverti

Assistant Professor of Statistics [rtd-B] @ University of Padova

Office 166

Department of Statistics

University of Padova


The focus of my research is on developing and applying novel statistical methods, motivated by challenging problems in health and social sciences.
I am interested in flexible Bayesian methodologies and scalable algorithms to perform inference on models for complex data, such as high-dimensional structures, networks and tensors, balancing accuracy with interpretability.

My curriculum vitae is available here. An Italian version (extended) is available here.

bio & past positions

I hold a Ph.D. in Statistics from the University of Padova (2020), supervised by Bruno Scarpa and David Dunson. During the Ph.D, I was a Visiting Scholar in the Department of Statistical Sciences at Duke University (2017-18).
After the Ph.D., I have been a post-doc at the University of Padova (2020) and an Assistant Professor in Statistics at the University Ca’ Foscari Venezia (2020-2022).


23/04 The article “Aliverti, Arellano-Valle, Kharari and Scarpa (2023). A flexible two-piece normal dynamic linear model” has been accepted for publication on Computational Statistics